Discover Natural Cough Suppressants

Natural Cough Remedies

Most of the time many people are not sure in drinking different synthetic cough medicines that is available in the market. this is because some may have bad side effects and also some are very expensive.

That is why during these hard times, many people resort to curing their illnesses the natural way.

Along with having colds you will surely have coughs too. This is because coughs help the body get rid of the unwanted substances like mucus.

While most coughs are very productive in the body they may become irritating and very annoying too. There are many natural ways to recover from a very stubborn cough and may help you breathe easier without taking those medicine that are bitter and expensive.

Here are some things you need to consider changing when you a nursing a bad cough:


Eating healthy will help your immune system to work properly and also will help your body regain strength to fight all those viruses in your body. Eating whole foods and a lot of fruits and veggies is one thing. Avoid foods which has plenty of sugar, salt and other starches for they are mucus-producing foods.


If you are a smoker, I think you should consider stopping for a while so you can recover completely and fast. If you’re not a smoker, stay away from people who are as much as possible. When you are nursing a bad cough your environment should have clean air. You can also consider performing a steam inhalation, you can also add some eucalyptus  if you want to clear your airways so you won’t have difficulty in breathing.


After considering these two things you can now be sure that whatever you take in for that cough will help you get rid of it. Here are some natural remedies for that stubborn cough that seems to not go away.



An example of a natural cough syrup is honey and try to drink eight ounces of pineapple with it to give your body enough Vitamin C. Another alternative and very popular remedy is sucking on a lemon with pepper.It may taste really weird but it is very effective. But if you want something that will be good to your taste buds try eating raw honey and lemon. This two can help relieve the sore in your throat due to the consistent coughing. It also helps stop that itch that you feel when you have an urge to cough. Raw honey has high levels of nutrients and enzymes that helps in killing bacteria and viruses.


Another at home remedy for a hacking cough is taking in raw garlic. It may be disgusting but sure enough your cough will be gone before you know it. Foods like garlic boosts your immune system. If you can’t eat raw garlic taking it as tea. You can add a little honey so it can be sweetened and made delicious. You can drink as much as you can.


If you don’t want to eat raw garlic you can try green tea or oregano or ginger and red bell peppers. These foods can help keep your body strong. Other herbs like Coltsfoot, horehound, marshmallow and mullein are also very helpful too. Though eating all of these raw is very hard to do you can spice it up a little so it won’t be too hard for you. You can have a red onion and honey as cough syrup. Just peel off the skin of a raw red onion and slice it into layers before adding some raw honey. Then let it stand for 12-15 hours before taking it. Surely the next day it will have more syrup that will contain so many nutrients and vitamins. Another is Mullein Tea. Mullein Tea helps in relieving chest congestion due to consistent coughing. It also acts as an expectorant that helps the body get rid of all the mucus it has inside. You can still add raw honey along with the tea to sweeten it.


Remember when our moms would make chicken soup for us when we are sick? Mother’s really knows what is best! Eating a bowl of chicken soup can also be a big help to cure that illness. Though it doesn’t knock out the cough directly but it has very high levels of antioxidants that can help the body get rid of other toxins that can cause cough and colds. Just make sure you use organic ingredients when making one.

These are some of the natural remedies you can do at home. It is very easy and cheap and it will not give out bad side effects. Just make sure you go organic all the way. With proper diet and rest in no time you will say goodbye to that bad cough and you will be back in your feet. Just make sure that you take vitamins and a lot of vitamin C to prevent from getting sick again.