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6 All Natural Cough Suppressants

Is there a natural cough suppressant that can truly do the job? That is a question that many folks ask when they are suffering from a bad cough. For me personally, there is nothing as bothersome and frustrating as not being able to stop coughing, especially during the night.

At our house with many children, is seems at least one person is sick with a cold or flu on a regular basis, perhaps every three weeks or so. And often one or two of them will have a coughing spell that will wake us up during the night. We have tried all the regular kinds of retail cough medicines that you can simply buy at the store.

Using a Natural Cough Remedy

I have heard of natural remedy solutions for some ailments. For example, if you have a scratchy throat or something like that they say to drink some mixture of vinegar and honey or something like that. In any case, it was something very nasty and so you really have to be seriously irritated by a sore throat to drink that concoction.

And for a bad cough, which I presume is related to an irritation in the throat, there is no way that children are going to take a bad tasting anything, no matter how much they are coughing during the night. So I will be most interested to discover a natural cough suppressant that can be consumed by children; meaning one that doesn’t make you want to gag.

Below are natural cough suppressants known to be safe and effective.


Honey is known for its well-established ability to provide comfort and relieve cough. It contains anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties which can combat pathogenic(disease-causing) organisms present in the body. To relieve yourself from persistent cough, take 1 tbsp. of pure honey. If you can’t take pure honey alone, you can add or mix it with warm milk or hot tea, or with herbs and spices. Moreover, honey helps coat the throat to ease soreness as a result of excessive coughing.

Apple Cider Vinegar

For centuries, apple cider vinegar is known to contain antimicrobial properties effective against Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli and staph infection (the most common cause of sore throat and coughing). Take pleasure in drinking hot herbal teas added with 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar to fight the cause of progression of coughs. Never consume apple cider vinegar undiluted since it’s hard on your throat as well as in your tooth enamels plus it’s strong taste is too strong to handle. To make it more palatable, you can mix 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in water (1 glass) or to do the trick, you can sweeten it with honey.


Aside from the fact that lemon is a good Vitamin C source, it is also known as an effective natural cough suppressant. It contain natural antiviral and antibacterial properties. Bioflavanoids is present in lemons which strengthen the blood vessels in the body. One teaspoon of lemon is enough to experience relief. Feel free to add or mix it with warm water,honey concoctions or herbal teas and you will have instant natural cough suppressants. Aside from cough relief, you can expect stronger immune system which will aid you in combating illnesses.


One of the most renowned natural remedy for these symptoms is ginger. Apply a slice of fresh ginger in your mouth whenever you are coughing. Chew the sliced ginger until your cough dissolves away. A mixture of ginger with a glass of hot water is also a superb treatment for coughing.


Water is certainly the most overlooked remedy for various diseases and ailments. Water can cure numerous forms of symptoms from various viruses and diseases. Individuals that are affected by coughing must double or increase their water consumption to make themselves feel better. Water also lessens the dryness that you would feel in your throat.

Hot Shower/Bath

One of the simplest natural cough suppressants is hot shower or hot bath. The mechanism of action is very simple since it simply moisten and relieve clogs in the airway thus one can breathe and expectorate cough easily. Remember that you need to cough out secretions to get rid of cough effectively. You can add essential oils to your bath to help ease bothersome cough. Try adding eucalyptus oils if you have sticky mucus or secretions or spearmint oil if you’re experiencing dry cough.

On the other hand, if cough is accompanied by fever, hot shower/bath is not recommended since it may contribute to temperature elevation.

The above mentioned natural cough suppressants are undeniably simple and highly available yet you can never put down the relief and effectiveness you can get. The principle behind these natural aids are very simple, they point out the cause of cough and combat it with their natural antibacterial properties.

Bonus: One Successful Non-Natural Medicine

If you just can’t stand the coughing anymore and don’t want to take any chance experimenting with natural remedies, or take the time to prepare them, there is one medicine syrup you can buy that we have used and seen it work and can fully recommend. Recall that earlier I mentioned that we’ve tried all the standard, usual cough syrups that you buy off the shelf, and they never work. They simply don’t stop a serious cough. Which is why we were so happy when our pediatrician recommended a cough medicine that is much more powerful and actually works.

This is the absolute only cough suppressant medicine that I have experienced myself that has worked on me and with my children. Therefore it is the only one that I can recommend without any hesitation. And that is the one called Dysil, I think. It is the only cough syrup that has ever worked on the really nasty coughs. It was, to me, worth the extra cost (which wasn’t that much more) because all of the cheap cough syrups had absolutely no effect, and therefore were a complete waste of money. I will have to look at the ingredients to see if there is something in the Dysan that is not in the other cheap kinds. So check it out and hopefully you don’t need a doctor’s request to get it.

Experiencing unbearable cough is undeniably troublesome which can affect your daily workload. Today’s society is very health conscious thus many of us prefer to use natural cough suppressants compared to commercial ones which might pose health risks and serious side effects. If you want to experience relief from persistent coughing and also to rest the chest area, you need to take cough suppressants.

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